Insulation Voltage 52 kV.
Phase-to-Earth Connection.

HV Voltage transformer for measuring and/or protecting up to 52 kV, used for measurement instruments, meters, relays and other similar devices.  Designed to be used outdoors.

The transformer VFP-52 is a phase-to-earth transformer; that is, a single-phase transformer, used to keep one of the ends of the primary winding directly connected to earth.

The transformer has been designed to withstand high G levels due to earthquakes. It disposes of an expansion tank to compensate oil volume variations. There is also, in the upper end, a level indicator to show if the transformer and the insulating oil are in their usual working conditions.

The internal insulation is composed of paper-oil and external insulator is made of porcelain, with a creepage distance in compliance up to 35mm/kV regarding the polution level.

Manufactured in accordance with IEC 61869:1 & IEC 61869:3 standards. Other standards or specifications under consultation.


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