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Indoor Service.

In our parts, the design, the use of synthetic filled resin and  thorough control of each stage of manufacture meet to achieve the best electrical and mechanical properties:

  • Electrical: insulation, arc resistance and resistance to rampant downloads.
  • Mechanical: impact resistance and flexural strength.

They are resistant to the most highly corrosive chemical agents and have no risk of fire.

The insulators carry inserted metal armatures on the surface of head and base to allow attachment to the support and conductor.

Our product range also includes special parts produced from customer drawings or manufactured based on theri needs by our technical department.

Mesuring Bushings.

Bushings with built-in conductor for various applications in the production and distribution of electricity.

The conductor, in aluminium or brass, is coated with epoxy resin casting under vacuum forming a rigid body with excellent dielectric, thermal and mechanical properties. This body is located within a porcelain insulator that provides creepage distance and excellent weather resistance.

Laboratorio Electrotécnico designs and manufactures different models of bushings according to the need of its customers. Indoor and outdoor service, up to 36 kV and 5000 A.