Insulation Voltage 24kV.
Phase-to-Earth Connection. Plug Type.

HV Voltage transformer for measuring and/or protecting up to 24 kV, to be used in HV cells gas insulated.

This model VKE-24 allows a primary connection through a plug designed according to UNE-EN 50181.

The transformer is shielded by means a metallic enclosure that covers the resin body and allows it installation without any distance between them because the surface of the device is earthed and allows a better space optimization.

The transformers can be supplied unshielded on request for their installation in open cells, always taking into account the safety distances between them.

The primary winding is occluded in class E epoxy resin, the magnetic circuit and the secondary winding are outside the resin enclosure. Because of this construction there is no risk of projection of fragments.

Possibility of installation in any position. Manufactured in accordance with IEC 61869:1 and IEC 61869:3 standards.


VKE-24 Catalog
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