Insulation Voltage 36kV.
Phase-to-Phase Connection.

HV Voltage transformer for measuring and/or protecting up to 36 kV, used for measurement instruments, meters, relays and other similar devices. Designed to be used indoors.

The VCJ-36 is a phase-to-phase transformer, that is, a two phase or two poles transformer. In order to guarantee its dielectric level, it is filled with SF6 gas.

This transformer can be anti explosive or not, depending on customer requirements.

The anti explosive version disposes of a high quality safety valve. The function of this valve is to eliminate internal overpressures that can appear due to long term defects, in the way to avoid violent projections of fragments.

It is mechanically resistant and damp-proof, oil-proof, dust-proof and resists most chemical products.

Possibility of installation in any position.

Manufactured in accordance with IEC 61869:1 and IEC 61869:3 standards.

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