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    Laboratorio Electrotécnico.

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    Laboratorio Electrotécnico, we bet on the quality of the environment.

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    Laboratorio Electrotécnico, is a company founded in Barcelona in March 1918 as a family business.

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    Manufacture of measurement and protection transformers and Medium Voltage switches / disconnectors.

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    he high quality of our products is guaranteed by independent laboratories.


The experience of over 100 years in the industry allows us to solve all the demands we request customers with maximum guarantee and no minimum quantity requirement.

We have a staff of over 40 people, with an area of ​​more than 6000m2 in Cornella de Llobregat (Barcelona)

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  • Laboratorio Electrotécnico has worked with the department of Electrical engineering of the ETSEIB (UPC) for testing prototypes of new products.

    Also it participates in technical committees and groups belonging to the electricity sector to always keep abreast of the latest technological advances.

  • The range of voltage transformers type VKPE, up to 36 kV, has been manufactured of solid insulation without using SF6 gas or oil. All materials making up this TT model can be recycled (copper, brass, steel, plastics ...) or disposed of in a landfill for inert waste (polymerized resin). It respects the environment.

    Its design, ex-proof by nature, does not need safety valve to prevent flying fragments in case of short circuit in the secondary circuit, so this condition is always guaranteed.